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-speed access to the Internet.

Documents hosting service on the Orkis documentary platform for picture or video libraries.

Distributes Kentika in Southern France.

Orkis websites that use Kentika: click here.

Website : www.orkis.com

Visard Solutions inc. (United States - Canada)

We have help our customers realize their projects in Northern America for more than 15 years. Big companies trust us because we are always here to address their needs.

Visard websites that use Kentika : click here.

Website : www.visard.ca


Helps to elaborate the optimal architecture for your documentary resources and realize your project.

Your collaborators are implicated and consulted but do not have to assume the whole load of work thanks to Excéo’s expertise and partners in the documentary field.

Website www.exceo.fr

IFNET (Italy)

Leader in Italy in the Library Science field. Work with public, specialized and academic libraries, private libraries, document centers and big companies.

IFNET websites that use Kentika: click here.

Website : www.ifnet.it


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